About Diana Sanabria

I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, which many people consider to be the fashion capital of South America. In 1997, I received a B.A. in textile design from Taller Cinco Centro de Diseño. In 2011 I moved from Bogota to Northern California where I now live and work.

Having worked extensively with Europeans and Americans, I bring an international knowledge of fashion and design to the world market of women’s apparel and accessories. Clean lines, simplicity and an evolving palette of fresh color combinations define my approach to design. Innovative attention to detail ensures that my accessory lines are not only unique in appearance but are also highly functional.

Enjoy what you see and what you wear

Elizabeth, our bookkeeper, mentioned that she was having dinner at a popular restaurant when a woman walked through the entrance Elizabeth first noticed the grace in the way the woman carried herself. She was also struck by the way in which the woman was dressed which to Elizabeth exuded “design”. As the woman approached, Elizabeth realized that “of course” it was Diana.

Grace and Design

Diana is all about grace and design. The first time we met I too was highly impressed. Diana is inherently graceful as is her keen eye for design and color. She notices the beauty of design within any environment. Having an educational background in textile design, Diana has chosen to work with only the finest international fabrics including Italian cashmere and cotton, hand loomed Balinese and Indian cotton, Thai silk, Peruvian alpaca and authentic Nepalese pashmina. The majority of people who visit the boutique in Healdsburg remark about the quality of the fabrics and design and how well the clothing is made. They also remark about the general appearance of the store which of course is a reflection of Diana’s grace and style. – Steve Laska, partner

Described by quality, design and color

Unique quality, design, and color describe what Diana has curated and has on display in her store. Diana’s brand is to introduce lines that are created by designers who are not necessarily well known, but have extraordinary talent in creating beautifully made products. You will not find these products in department stores or other boutiques because Diana’s method is to meet designers in their own environment and work in coordination to create unique apparel and accessories. “Our customers are those who recognize quality and design”.